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My Mommy Mart volunteers shop our sale first and get first dibs at great, gently-used children's clothing, baby equipment, and toys.

My Mommy Mart depends on consignors and volunteers to make our events possible. Our volunteers work hard and get to shop the sale even before the consignors. Each volunteer shift is 4 hours long. 

We ask that new volunteers sign up for shifts that are before the Volunteer Shopping evening due to no-shows of volunteers in the past.

Available Shifts - View Only

Available Shifts - View Only

Volunteer Shopping - Tuesday, march 19th

We have set aside a separate night for volunteers to come in to shop our sale. No guests allowed to shop with volunteers - no exceptions. You & the consignors do all the work and we want to give you some great benefits!

No children allowed at volunteer shopping except nursing infants in carriers. 

Volunteers with one 4 hour shift shop at 7:00 pm

Volunteers with two 4 hour shifts shop at 6:00 pm

Volunteers with three 4 hour shifts shop at 5:00 pm

**Overlapping shifts do not count as two. In order to get credit for two shifts you must work 8 hours total.**

Who can volunteer?

We open our volunteer shifts up to current consignors first and then we will have it open to the public.  Volunteer shifts will be available about one month before the sale.

Moms, Dads, Grandparents - All we ask is that you be willing to work!

You must be willing to actually work if you sign up for a shift. If you need special accommodations, please let me know before you sign up for a shift.

What do volunteers do?

The job duties will vary based on the number of volunteers and what stage of the sale we are in on the day you volunteer. Please plan to work for at least 4 hours– shifts can be on the same day or on different day. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your shift starts so we can get you signed in and give you your instructions. 

Saturday, Monday, & Tuesday before the sale - Organizing, inspecting, and taking in inventory

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday during the sale- Put items back in correct place, help with large items, continually organize, work as a bagger at check-out

Saturday and Sunday after the sale - sort items for donation and  items back into consignor numbers, break down tables and racks

Volunteer Guidelines

Please check your schedule before signing up for a shift. We have several shifts available – consider trading babysitting with a friend. You watch her kids during her volunteer shift and she can watch during your volunteer shift. Then you can go shopping together!

* Please do not bring  children to your scheduled shift. (The exception to this is a baby in a front carrier during the drop-off or pick up shift)

 * Be prepared to work.

* Please limit cell phone use during your shift.  You can have your cell phone in your pocket, but please do not carry on conversations via text or talking during your shift.

* Wear comfortable clothing & shoes. You will be walking on a concrete floor for most of your shift. Please do not wear tank tops or short shorts or anything that isn't appropriate for a mommy. 

* We will have snacks provided, but please do not spend more than 15 minutes in the kitchen during your shift.

If you need to reschedule before the drop-off for the sale has started, you can remove yourself online and reschedule for another shift. If you need to cancel or reschedule your shift after the sale has started, you must email us at If you cancel within 24 hours of your shift, you will not be allowed to register as a volunteer or a consignor for the next sale.

Please, please do not sign up for a shift unless you are sure you can make it! The success of this sale depends on our volunteers!